Monday, March 9, 2015

A letter to my sweet Sawyer Jude

My sweet Sawyer Jude.

I cannot believe you are one already.
Time has slipped away once again.
You, my dear hold a special place in my heart along with your brother.
You have taught me so much more the second time around.
How to be more patient then I am already.
How to love more deeply.
How to relax & cherish those times that I feel like I rushed through the first time around.
I was so anxious to see Liam conquer the next stage, I didn't realize how quickly it would go by.
Your laid back personality has been such a blessing especially with your energetic older brother.
Your favorite thing to do is to just sit & watch him make circles around you.
There will be plenty of brotherly fights between you and him, but I can already tell you hold your own.
I know you look up to him so much already.
You are always in the mood for a cuddle session that I just cannot pass up.
You have quick, curious hands.
Always getting into stuff but so quietly so momma doesn't catch you.
Your my little Soybean.
Your blonde hair, blue eyes & that big smile of yours gets me every time.

I pray that you grow up knowing that God loves you o' so much.
He has made you special & unique.
Sawyer, may you walk with him, talk with him, serve him, & serve others for his glory.

Be Brave.
Be Courageous. 
Be Strong.
Do everything in love.  

I can't imagine what this world is going to look like as you get older, Sawyer.
Stand up for whats right, for what you believe in & most importantly trust in God.
He will never leave you.


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