Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sawyer is One: POW WOW 1st birthday.

I have kinda been in a funk, I just can't seem to catch up.
I have been a bit absent in the blogging world.
A lot has been going on, or maybe not & I just feel that way.
I have kiddos ear infections, emergency vet visit (my dog is okay), sister in law came in town, half our house is w/o electricity, we can't figure out why.
It can always be worse though... right? 
Oh.. and our furnace went out and has to be completely replaced.
Yes, spring is slowly approaching but in the Midwest that means nothing.
It actually snowed two days ago.
Its crazy.
I'm so ready for spring, fresh air, green grass, flowers blooming and letting the little's play outside.
It can't come soon enough. 

I'm happy to be back at it today though.
I'm really excited about his post, I have been reminiscing on the photos taken & wondering how my baby is a year old already.

I would consider myself a crafter, I love creating things myself.
It takes a lot of work, but I enjoy seeing it all come together.
Beginning of March, on a Sunday we threw Sawyer a first birthday party.
I wanted a Pow Wow theme.
As always, I try to do everything myself, and spend as little as possible.
I would have to say I am pretty frugal. I come from a dutch family so that must explain it. (:

It was so fun, and I think it turned out pretty darn cute.
I love seeing all the love towards Sawyer from family & friends, it means the world to us, knowing that so many others love & adore him like we do.

My husband captured some sweet photos at the party.
I had him on camera duty because lesson learned from Liam's first birthday, after all was said and done I realized I had taken zero pictures to remember that day.


((Some of the pictures didn't turn out as clear as I wanted them to. ))
Half the pictures were taken from our nicer camera that is a trial & error process, and others were taken from an iPhone. 

  //So Sawyer, here's to being ONE.//

//Sawyer's Pow wow sign was made by me.//
Picked up this gem at the thrift store for 2 dollars. 
I spray painted the glass with chalk paint but kept the original frame color because I loved it. 
The black lantern & fuzzy slippers are from Sawyer's nursery. 

I loved Sawyer's little outfit. 
It fit in perfectly with the theme & its nice because everything he wore can be worn again.
//Sawyer's denim shirt is from hm.// 
//The leggings he wore were from a company on Etsy called Sweetslittlethings.//
 I can't say enough good things! They shipped so fast and the fabric on these leggings are so soft. I was very impressed. 
//The arrow bib is also from Etsy, from a company called M.U.M.B.// 
She also had incredibly fast shipping and great communication.
I would recommend these two shops to anyone! 
I linked them both, so you should go check them out! 

//Sawyers headdress was made by me.// 
I love how it turned out. 
I bought a big bag of leather remnants from hobby lobby, couple of bags of feathers, leather cord, and was able to make all the kids a headdress for them to wear to join the fun. 
I'm so bummed though, I didn't get one single picture of them wearing it. 
See I'm so bad with this picture taking thing, I need to work on it. 
I'm hoping being a blogger now will help. (: 

^^The centerpieces were little tee pees.^^
 I used bamboo sticks I had at the house, little bit of hot glue, & extra drop cloth fabric I had on hand. My husband ended up cutting the wood pieces we had in our back yard as the base & I used left over feathers as little touches here and there.  

I used a drop cloth I already had in my fabric bin for a table cloth. 
( I should have probably ironed it, but oh well ha!...)

^Sawyer's smash cake along with the cake topper was made by me also.^
The picture behind the cake, I grabbed from Sawyers nursery.
I learned while planning parties before going out and buying a ton of decorations check around your house you never know what you will find to add cute touches.


Above the food table I printed out pictures off of instagram of Sawyer from birth til now. 
I have it hanging in Sawyers room, gotta love the multi purpose use. 
The Menu was: 
BBQ chicken sandwiches: the recipe was from here.  
We topped it with home made cole slaw my mom made & ended up having so much food because pretty much I have an amazing family who all brought something. 
They helped out so much & I'm so thankful for that! 
Don't know what I would do without them.

^^ How cute is this sign? ^^
My talented sister in law made this for Sawyer for his birthday & just fit the theme perfectly.
 I absolutely love it! 

//My husband and I made this tee pee for Sawyer for his birthday present from us.//
Super easy to put together, I followed this tutorial but just tweaked it a little bit here & there.

Liam of course loved helping me open presents & thanking everyone for the gifts. 
I have to keep reminding him whose birthday it really is. (: 

Sawyers face pretty much explains it all. 
He was exhausted by the end of the day & Liam could keep going for days if I let him.  

My boys. (:
I'm outnumbered. 

 I hope you enjoyed seeing all the pictures & if your throwing a little POW WOW yourself,
I hope you were inspired. 

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