Saturday, January 24, 2015

Will Daddy be proud of me?

Tales of my 3 year old....

I dream of myself walking in the store and my cute 3 year old by my side. Saying yes ma'am and no ma'am, while others are saying wow look how well behaved that little boy is for his momma. (ha!)

A mom can dream right......

If you were to run into me at target or any other store you would here me saying...
"Liam Carter! Where are you?"
"Liam if you do not get back here right now you are going into the cart?"
"ONE......TWO......THREE! Over here NOW!"
He is a typical boy so the energy never ends.

It doesn't help that when I'm saying Liam's name out loud trying to get his attention. At least once while I'm in the store, a lady would turn around and say

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were talking to me." 

After the millionth time that this has happened, I realized that Liam's name when I am saying it louder sounds just like Ma'am. So never fails that I am apologizing to the people that turn around because they think I'm talking to them and glaring at Liam to get his butt over here. 

Today though at target I had my first "oh my goodness I can't believe my kid just did that" kinda moment. Lets just say any 3 year old boy with a glass object is bound to be a disaster.
Liam who was already crying because I put him in the cart for running away, he wanted to help me put the groceries up on the belt. He grabbed a jar of the baby food and instead of setting it down nicely, it slipped out of his hands flew in the air and shattered pretty close to the lady who was paying in front of me. 
I was so embarrased.
Baby food and glass were everywhere. They came and cleaned everything up, I apologized a million times but the lady in front of me and the cashier gave me quite the look.

I couldn't help but feel like a bad mom, like I was loosing control of my kids. All I could think about been haven't these ladies been in my place before.. the reason I say "been" is because they looked quite a bit older than I am, at least I think they were.  For them to look at me in shame, really made me upset. After apologizing up and down and not one of them said its okay or don't worry about it.


I remember back before I had Liam, I would judge other moms by saying
"My kid will never act like that."  I'm probably not the only one whose thought that either.

It shouldn't be a competition between moms, we need to stick together, encourage each other. So when you see another mom struggling with her kids misbehaving instead of giving her the "look".
Walk up to her and say "I've been there before. Your doing a great job."

 Sorry just a little rambling there for a second but anyways....

As I was walking to the car Liam looks up at me and said
 "Mommy will Daddy be proud of me? I 'wistened' to you." 
It was the sweetest thing ever, my heart just melted, all my embarrassment and anger went away.

  Man, he can be such a sweet boy.

I took this picture with my phone before we left to head to target. 

That is just a little glimpse into how my day has been going. 
Thankful its nap time right now.  

Oh and I almost forgot I had just bought my boys toothpaste a couple days ago, and went to go brush their teeth and the toothpaste was gone... What? I just bought a tube the other day, how could it be gone already? Well the answer is Liam. He must've really loved the way his toothpaste tasted, he has been drinking all of the toothpaste, I caught him in the act. This is the second time this has happened. 
At least its flouride-free.. right?
I imagine drinking two bottles of toothpaste can't be the best thing for ya.

Oyyy vey, I'm in for it with this kid.

I'm not the only one right?

I'm sure other moms have dealt with their kids hijacking the toothpaste or shattered a jar of baby food in the isle and almost hitting the lady in front of them?

I would love to hear stories about your kids !
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