Sunday, January 25, 2015

I aspire to be...

" Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath."  - Psalm 116:2 

Just a little Sunday rambling why the boys and hubby nap..

I aspire to be....

-I aspire to be a better follower of Christ. When he calls me to do something, I don't want to hesitate. I want to pray more and have a closer relationship with him.
Actually fall down on my knee's and PRAY, not just when something bad is happening in my life and I need a savior but pray with a thankful heart.
I want to trust him more. I know everything always works out for the good, then why do I worry?

-I aspire to be a better wife. I want to respect, honor, and love my husband unconditionally. I need to work on just laughing with him and enjoying life. Not spend our time worrying about the future but yet looking forward to it.
 I can honestly say I feel the closest to Brent when we just are laughing, or usually he is just laughing at me but thats cool to. haha

-I aspire to be a better mom. I need to work on really listening to my boys and being slow to anger with them, be an example to them. I want to enjoy the mess's, the spilled milk and cookie crumbs on the floor because I know I will miss it when its gone.

-I aspire to be a better friend. A friend that gives the right advice, that is there when they need me. Be someone they can look up to and a Godly example to them.

-I aspire to be a positive person.  It is so easy to become negative. I have seen it in myself, where every word that comes out of my mouth is negative. I tell myself to snap out of it.
God has blessed me with faith in him, health, a warm bed, and a wonderful family. There is no reason to be negative even on my absolute worst days.

-I aspire to be an example of Christ's love. I want God to use me in ways so that I can show love to others. I pray for that all the time.  I want people to know that I am different when they talk to me. I want to share his love with the world.

-I aspire to be grounded. I want to not look at my outward appearance but inwardly, change my heart. Its not about the name brands that you wear or the luxury cars you drive. Your outward appearence means nothing to anyone if you do not have a thankful, giving, and loving heart.

I wrote this not necessarily for anyone but I needed it.
 This post was to write these things down to remind myself of the stuff I fail day in and day out on.
 There are so many other things I need to work on, I am far from perfect.
I pray for the Lord to give me the knowledge and the right things to say with this blog.
I feel like this post is one of them. I didn't plan it but just kept typing.

Here is a picture of my sweet Sawyer Jude. 
Just thought I'd share because I adore this blonde hair, blue eyed boy. 

And here is a picture of how my whole weekend has looked, we have a teething baby on our hands that only wants his momma and I am 100% okay with that.

Who/What inspires you?
Feel free to comment! I would love to hear from you!

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