Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life lately ...

We have the middle of winter blues going on over here.
Its either snowing, sleeting, gray clouds or sunny but to muddy to go outside. In a house of two little boys it can be a challenge when it comes to not getting fresh air and can make a momma a little crazy. I'm trying to keep them busy as much as I can but theres only so many puzzles, hide and seek, dance parties, or play dough that we can play with.
We met a good friend and her two babies at chick-fil-a the other day just to get out of the house.
 It was a nice break.
In between the....
"Mom, I'm hungry."
"Mommy, I want milk." 
"Mom, I gotta go potty."
Us moms were able to have an adult conversation and catch up on life while the kids ran off some energy.
It's a win-win situation.
I snapped this picture of our two littlest guys. They will definitely be our troublemakers.
They were born a day a part. Bound to be best friends right?
We didn't even plan to get pregnant together.
We were actually in labor at the exact same time too.
It was so fun to be pregnant with your best friend.
I highly recommend it.

Sawyers outfit: 
Onsie baby gap (garage sale find)
hat: HM kids

Next week is going to be a little bit more exciting!
Liam is starting swim lessons!
I am so happy about this. It will be every Thursday morning. I think he will absolutely love it.  I was going to send him last year but he went through a stage of, if I don't know you, don't talk to me, don't touch me, heck don't even look at me. So I decided to hold off but now I feel like he broke out of his shell a little bit.

Liam with his goggles on for swim class.
This boy cracks me up- how cute is he?

Also next week, I have my final conference with the speech pathologist that examined Liam. I will finally get to find out if he will need to go to an early learning preschool to work on his speech or not. I'm happy to almost have it all figured out, it has been a long 4 month process.
I can post a more detailed post if anyone else is interested in hearing why I chose to get Liam evaluated for his speech.

Onto this weekend, we have had a snowstorm warning all day today into tomorrow so today consisted of staying in our pjs, watching our church service from live stream, lots of cuddles, and a lot of snow. 
I am probably one of the few people that you will never hear complaining about snow, I love it. Its just a little glimpse into the beauty of God's creation.
We decided to venture out after lunch. We bundled up the boys til they were like Randy on the christmas story, had Brody our shetland sheepdog hop in the back and drove to a nearby park.  We had way to much fun flying down the slides because our snow pants made it so slippery. We just laughed and laughed. I love times like these. It always reminds me how important laughter and family time is.   

Its a great reminder that I am blessed.

Here are just a few of the photos I captured today on my phone.


I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. 

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