Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day with a house full of boys.

Ahhh Valentines day has come and gone.
We are inching closer and closer to Sawyer's first birthday at the beginning of March.
I can't believe he will be ONE. Where did my little baby go?
More pictures and party details soon to follow! Can't wait to share!

We didn't do much for valentines day ... and honestly it was kinda nice.
I rented a couple movies, indulged in some chocolate covered strawberries that I made, poured myself a glass a wine, kicked back and relaxed.
I always try to make valentines day special for the boys.
Well Sawyer is a little young yet but I was able to wake up early enough and make my boys a 'hearty' breakfast. ha!

Of course there could be NO pink sprinkles.
Mamma's of all boys understand.
My heart is anxiously waiting for some pink in my life. 
Lord willing of course. (:

Liam was to fast for me to take any pictures of but I captured one of this cutie eatin his blueberries.

Brent had Liam walk in the room where I was changing Sawyer's diaper.
He rehearsed with him what he was suppose to say to me which was
 "Happy Valentines day, Momma. I love you."
What he actually said was "Here, Daddy got ya sometin."
Liam handed me a black box.
Brent got me a Alex and Ani charm bracelet to add to the one he bought me for Christmas.
I was surprised, I had no idea. He got this one and the Christmas bracelet all by himself.
I love it.
Those are the best presents.
Doesn't matter what it is, but just knowing the thought that goes into it makes me all giddy.

Coast Guard charm because my husband served for 6 years.
 He is now currently in the Reserves.

I picked up a little nerf gun for Liam to open on Valentines day.
I didn't realize that the box said 8 years and up.
Oops. I always do that, I never check the age on the box.
Well for a five dollar nerf gun, that thing is pretty powerful.
Brent had a long talk with him about not shooting anyone and only aiming at the wall or the ground.
 It went like this....
"No, Liam you may not shoot your brother." 
(Liam pointed the nerf gun at the dog.)
"Liam, NO! Not the dog either." 
Liam: "Ahhh man...."

A couple minutes later as I'm cleaning up breakfast, I get hit on the back.
Thinking it was Liam but it wasn't, it was Brent.
Of Course.
Practice what you preach. ((AHEM))

I swear some of these "boy" kid toys are more for Brent then Liam.
He is always like "Here let me show you how to work this.."
(a.k.a I will give it back to you in an hour.)

Oh also good news, Liam has been so much better in the regression area.
Thank the Lord. 

I hope you all enjoyed your valentines day and spent it with the ones you love


  1. You are so creative with your heart shaped food! Love reading your blog!

    1. haha Thanks! I try to make it fun for them! (:
      Thank you for supporting me on this new journey of mine! It means the world to me!