Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quiet time & toddler regression.

When you stay with your kids all day, being a human tissue to boys with runny noses is pretty normal.
The other day I caught Liam taking my scarf that was around my neck and wiping his nose with it.
True Story.
Sad thing is, it didn't even phase me.
Some daily tasks all momma's deal with consist of wiping butts, feeding on command, being a shoulder to cry on, helping them learn and explore new things.
By explore I mean being a human jungle gym
I cherish those times, I really do.

I also know how precious quiet time is.
How few and far between it comes nowadays. 
Especially when your almost one year old is down to one nap a day (if that) and my three year old has decided he doesn't know how to take naps anymore... 
But both boys fell asleep while driving home from Costco.
Man, was it glorious
I could actually clear my head and "hear myself think" as my mom use to put it back when I was little.
Now I totally know what she means. 
I look back in the rear view mirror to see Liam's head down and drool running down his mouth and it makes my heart smile.
It is always the littlest moments that really help you regroup and get back on track.
That 10 minute car ride was it for me.

I decided to do a mother/son date this week with Liam.
He has been regressing with potty training this past week.
I seriously think he has had more than 20 accidents.
Just this past week.
No joke.
I mean the kind of accidents where I walk in and he had just pooped and peed all over the floor which should not be happening, he has been fully potty trained since the summer.
I didn't know how to deal with this except get really upset.
I know he knows how to go to the bathroom.
He was testing me.
I read somewhere that at his age they don't care what kind of attention they get whether bad or good,
they just want attention.
Hearing that hit me like a ton of bricks. I finally understood why he was acting out.
So now I've tried an opposite approach. Instead that night getting mad and angry.
I took him out for frozen yogurt.
One on one time with just Liam and I.
I love just getting him talking about anything, some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is just downright hilarious.
He absolutely loved the full attention he was getting from me.

I think he changed my attitude more than I did his.

I'm still trying to figure this whole parenting thing out but when your child does stuff like throw away your garbage without even being told to, shows me that I can't be doing that bad. 

Such a gentleman. (:

Has any other moms dealt with regression with your toddler?
How did you handle it?


  1. I love your posts. So relevant to my family, too. I'm dealing with the potty training garbage too. Partly it's my fault, she was pooping consistently on the potty at 18 months and then Aria was born and she regressed. Now she knows what potty training is and what to do but refuses, I mean flat out fights me, screams, kicking etc. it's not fun. Hope you get some answers so I can get help too. I've tried it all! Candy, gifts, new panties, iPad time etc. help! Lol

    1. Aww thanks Brittany! I know potty training was so challenging for liam too, so I held off! Don't stress and don't force her because it's just more of a headache for you! Liam wasnt fully potty trained nor did I start until after his 3rd birthday! He was late but he just wasn't ready! She will be soon enough! Continue to encourage her though! Good luck girl! (: